Why connecting to yourself matters


How connected are you to yourself? What do you know about your feelings, fears, dreams? And where you are at the moment?

For me, connection means feeling capable, strong, loving and compassionate.

It’s a daily process. It involves being aware of my feelings, letting go of judgment and being compassionate. One step, thought and feeling, at a time.

I think we all experience common themes in our lives that are repeated over and over again. For some people it’s running away or ignoring these themes, only to find that they reappear once again.  Only to realise that they keep coming back in one form or another until you finally acknowledge them. When I began to embrace and accept these themes, I felt release from them.

What I came to realise, is that everything is trying to complete itself in this world and we are no different. We look for what we believe is missing, to fill the gaps; to complete ourselves.

Understanding is the key. The better we appreciate the nature of the world, the better we can manoeuvre in the world. The better we appreciate the nature of ourselves, the better we can manoeuvre within ourselves.

Understanding leads to authenticity. When you know yourself, you can act with a confidence that is your own. This suggests innocence and vulnerability to the people around you, which is a very good thing, as that vulnerability is the foundation of the relationships that define us.

Dedication is being aware, being aware is dedication. You do not become strong by lifting one enormous load. You do not understand yourself by reading one book or attending one workshop. It is a daily practice of dedication. Dedication is our sustainable resource. With it we can day by day improve ourselves, and our world.

So whether you do through prayer, music, journaling, meditation, spending time in nature, – get connected; it’ll open up your world! You’ll be making a huge difference if you offer other people ways to connect that opens up their worlds—you’ll be giving them purpose, meaning and joy too!

Remember to start where you are!