What is Vitality?

What is Vitality?

Vitality is the state of being when you are full of life and energy. It is exuberant physical, mental and emotional vigour. It is also the capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence.
Having vitality means you are energetic, lively or forceful. Being vital is essential to well-being. There are three areas where you have vitality: physical, mental and emotional.

Physical vitality

Physical vitality is having energy to do things. You have strength and stamina. Physical vitality means that your body parts are effectively supplied with nutrients and oxygen, and you have developed the strength and endurance to allow you to perform physical tasks easily. It comes from having a strong cardiovascular system and conditioned muscles.

Mental vitality

Mental vitality is having a mental energy to think clearly. It means that you are in good mental shape with sufficient mental powers and thinking stamina to handle problems. It is a state of mental alertness and effectiveness. Mental vitality first requires physical vitality, since effective flow of oxygen-laden blood and nutrients are important to the functioning of the brain and mental processes. Your brain is similar to a muscle in that exercise and use will strengthen it and improve your endurance and stamina. And just like with muscles, the speed of your thinking process is pretty well set, but by gaining mental strength and using good strategies, you can optimize your speed of thought.

Emotional vitality

Emotional vitality is having an up-beat attitude, such that you are happy, at peace, enthusiastic and joyful. You are then able to deal with various problems and stress that may hamper an average person. You can strengthen your emotions to cope with problems. You can increase your emotional endurance and stamina to be able to maintain a positive outlook over a long period.
Emotional vitality first required that you are in good mental and emotional health; such that you are relatively free of mental toxins that can affect the way your think. Mental toxins are opinions and criticisms that can affect your confidence, motivation, esteem and courage. They can make your angry, fearful or sad or to have other negative emotions.
You gain emotional vitality from feeding your emotions positive thoughts. You also need a strong reinforcement system and a conditioned ego. Your ego is effectively supplied with positive comments, and you have developed the emotional strength and endurance to allow you to readily perform emotionally.

Source: school-for-champions.com