Understanding Mindsets

Understanding Mindsets


Mindsets are the internal beliefs we hold to be true about the world and ourselves.

Limiting mind sets

Most of us have limiting mind-sets, based on negative self-talk that was instilled when we were young and has been ingrained over time. We are often unaware of how ‘automatic’ our thoughts have become and how they consistently hold us back from achieving our best.

What is worse is that these ‘automatic’ negative thoughts are self-validating. The more we allow our negative thoughts to undermine our efforts the more those thoughts are reinforced in a self-perpetuating negative cycle.

If we wish to break out of this negative cycle we need to take positive action. Although there are many systems for self-help, the problem with most is that they do not get to the root of the problem and merely deal with the symptoms. The real problem lies in our ways of thinking. Our inherent beliefs and thoughts which make up our deep rooted mindset or mindsets.

It is our mindset that determines how we think, our actions and often what results we obtain in life. It is our mind that holds the key to real success. The power of the mind to be conditioned for success or failure.

If we can let go of limiting mindsets and replace them instead with proven success empowering ones, then we could reprogram our mind for the same success. One powerful way to reprogram our mind is by constantly repeating positive statements or affirmations to ourselves until they are embedded and become reality.

This can be effective as the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is said and what reality is. Unfortunately, however, it is very difficult to stay consistent with our affirmations as our negative thinking usually takes over and starts to inhibit our ability to continue.

What we need is a system that puts this ‘reprogramming’ on auto-pilot. A system that ensures we get the right amount of positive affirmations input on a repeating, consistent and guaranteed basis.

Often it is our predominant thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world around us that are the key to unlocking our life’s true possibilities.


Source: mind-sets.com