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The online well-being resource has simple and practical strategies that can be used by children and adults to reduce stress and anxiety and increase energy and well-being.


Each module has a short video or if you prefer audio so you can download and listen to it on a walk or as you exercise or whenever it’s convenient to you. In each module there is a PDF document that has a summary of the strategy and exercises for you to complete that help make the strategy relevant to your specific situation.

It is important to remember that the Online Well-being Resource is a great tool for managing anxiety and stress although it is not a cure. The strategies in this program are proven to do that. However just using strategies to reduce and manage stress and anxiety is only one part of the equation. The other part is “how are you living your life”? And this is where the wellness and well-being strategies come into their own and make this resource truly unique and powerful.

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Why this will make a difference to your well-being

You’ll learn:

  • Effective relaxation tips and practical strategies
  • Powerful acupressure tapping technique
  • Meditation mindfulness
  • Self-hypnosis
  • How to create positive habits
  • How to bring increased happiness into your life
  • How to change negative thinking


The Online Well-being Resource will help you:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety quickly and easily
  • Increase confidence and calmness
  • Change negative thoughts to positive thoughts
  • Reduce overwhelm and increase focus and clarity
  • Boost your body’s energy.

Who will benefit most from the Stress Management: Transform your stress with energy psychology program?

 Do you suffer from anxiety on a daily basis, or are you going through a period of high stress?

Does someone you care for – maybe your child, spouse, parents or friends – suffer from anxiety and high stress levels?

Then this program is for you!

After a few sessions, you’ll start feeling the way you should always have felt – strong, positive and confident, able to tackle anything that comes your way without stress and worry.


Online. Self- guided. Access to the platform available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


By purchasing the program, you get immediate access to all the modules at once. In each module, you go step by step through how you can apply the incredibly powerful techniques of energy psychology in your own life.

The course consists of 15 modules:

  • What is stress?
  • Stress and Peak Performance
  • Positive Psychology – what determines happiness?
  • 12 tips to relax
  • Learning how to relax – progressive muscle relaxation
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Stress and the way you think
  • Changing your thinking
  • Turning negative thinking into positive thinking
  • Breathing techniques
  • Changing your focus
  • Pressure points to help you relax
  • Physiology – nutrition and sleep (coming soon)
  • Time management
  • Self-image Beliefs

Each module consists of worksheets, audio downloads and a short video of 10-15 minutes and is approximately 3 hours in total.

Module Title Video Length
Online Stress Management Introduction 5:40
Bonus Module 1: What is The Tapping Technique 5:43
Bonus Module 2: How to Use The Tapping Technique 12:06
Bonus Module 3: How to Start tapping 3:47
Bonus Module 4: Research Tapping 2:11
Bonus Module 5: Anxiety – Video 1 3:40
Bonus Module 5: Anxiety – Video 2 8:27
Bonus Module 5: Anxiety – Video 3 9:40
Bonus Module 5: Anxiety – Video 4 1:46
Bonus Module 5: Anxiety – Video 5 15:27
Module 1 : What is Stress? 6:38
Module 2 : Stress and Peak Performance 14:23
Module 3 : Positive Psychology – What Determines Happiness. 9:56
Module 4 : Quick Relaxation & Well-being Tips 10:27
Module 5 : Learning how to relax – progressive muscle relaxation 9:47
Module 6 : Meditation 8:11
Module 7 : Mindfulness 6:36
Module 8 : Stress and the way you think 13:35
Module 9 : Changing your thinking 13:41
Module 10 : Turning negative thinking into positive thinking 10:09
Module 11 : Breathing techniques 11:27
Module 12 : Changing your focus 17:57
Module 13 : Pressure points to help you relax 11:21
Module 14 : Physiology – nutrition and sleep (To be released shortly)
Module 15 : Time management (NEW) 10:14
Module 16 : Self Image Beliefs (NEW) 19:55
Module 17 : How to create positive habits 12:24


Is your anxiety preventing you from achieving your life goals?

Why is it that some people can breeze through life, barely breaking a sweat, while you’re staying up at night worrying about the small stuff?

While other people treat those big life changes – like getting married, having a baby, finding a new job – as an exciting adventure, in your mind you’re in the foetal position wanting it all just to go away.

You’d do anything to be able to:

  • Stop the overwhelming thoughts that torment you
  • Take on new challenges and setting goals for yourself, knowing that you’ll be able to cope confidently and without stress
  • Go to bed at night feeling calm and truly worry-free
  • Wake up in the morning with a spring in your step

But nothing you’ve tried has really helped.

Maybe you’ve tried relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga, maybe even tried to change your diet. You may have felt better for a little while, maybe even a few months, but then the old feelings of anxiety and stress come back. That awful feeling in the pit of your stomach is refusing to budge.

You may have been prescribed medication for your anxiety, but found that it had nasty side effects and you don’t really want to be taking pills for the rest of your life.

The Online Well-being Resource – Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Boost Energy is a system of teaching modules that are delivered to you online. The toolkit contains 18 video sessions, with bonus MP3 audio tracks and a PDF informative summary sheet for each module – watch the videos or listen to the audio, then use the summary sheet to reinforce the practical exercises and concepts. Each video is between 10 and 15 minutes long, a perfect length for absorbing knowledge and learning techniques that you can practice straight away.

We all know that modern life can be stressful. You might think it’s just you, but in fact you’d probably be amazed by the number of people you pass in the street who could be diagnosed as having a chronic anxiety condition.

Anxiety and stress, especially over the long term, can lead to serious psychological issues.

A study, recently published in the journal Psychological Science, Entitled “The Wear and Tear of Daily Stressors on Mental Health,” revealed that “our responses to seemingly minor daily events have long term implications for mental health.”  Traditional psychologists make a lot of money from seeing people who suffer from anxiety every day of the week.

There are also numerous studies that show that stress not only impacts mental health but negatively on our physical health, including weight gain, headaches, high blood pressure and heart attacks.


So why is it that, for a large majority of people, none of the traditional methods of relaxation and stress-relief ever really work?

It’s because they haven’t tapped into their body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This is where energy psychology comes in.

With the right training, this holistic technique can help you finally release the tension and anxiety you hold onto.


Ok but wait, doesn’t this sound a little new age, hippy-ish?

Ask any doctor and they’ll probably tell you that it sounds like mumbo-jumbo (Actually come to think about it some use this method)!

But don’t forget, doctors also used to think that smoking was good for your lungs (especially good if you had pneumonia!), and that yoga was an eastern fad that didn’t work.

Here enters Dr David lake and Steve Wells, who are doing extraordinary work in ‘energy psychology’ for relieving stress and anxiety.

These techniques blend ancient eastern practices with western science to form a practical and holistic way to treat anxiety and stress.

Let me give you a real life example:

You probably remember (or have read about) the terrifying news stories on the Rwandan genocide in 1994, in which Hutus started systematically and brutally slaughtering Tutsis. Men, women and children were hacked en masse with machetes and other weapons, and often left to die. It was front page news all around the world for many months.

In 2006, a team led by psychologist Caroline Sakai began working with an orphanage in Rwanda full of children who had gone through the terrors of the war. Many had lost their entire families from the bloodshed, and, shockingly, many had watched while their families were massacred.

Not surprisingly, these children suffered from a range of post traumatic symptoms such as bed wetting, aggression and depression. To say that these children suffered greatly from stress and anxiety is an understatement. The team used techniques based on energy psychology, including relaxation exercises and acupoint pressure.

Remarkably, after just one hour session, these children showed immediate results – their symptoms of post-traumatic stress reduced dramatically.

Even more exciting, their recovery from these debilitating problems – remember, after just a brief one hour session – continues up till today!

Restrictions and Cancellations

If someone is experiencing anxiety or depression etc. and they use the resources for self-help that they should also see a professional if symptoms continue. E.g. at times the symptoms of a panic or anxiety issue can be mistaken for physiological issues and vice versa.


No refunds available.

Rocky Biasi has qualifications and university degrees in both education and counselling with extensive experience in teaching, counselling and private practice.

Rocky has a proven track record in creating the change desired in people so they may live life with energy, fulfillment and inspiration. Rocky’s training and research from the field of Peak Performance Psychology equips him to advise others to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Rocky has trained with Steve Wells and Dr David Lake (clinical supervisor) and consults with clients on a range of issues from stress, anxiety and relationship counselling.

Rocky has successfully conducted thousands of workshops all over Australia, focusing on emotion and stress management, motivation and peak performance utilising the latest techniques used by successful corporate and sporting people from around the world.

2 reviews for Online Well-being Resource- Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Boost Energy and Well-being

  1. 5 out of 5


    ‘Mentoring and guidance from Rocky have been a constant support and source of clarity. This coupled with tapping and energy work has led to consistent and calming changes in my life. I am still amazed at how effectively the energy techniques have put thoughts and feelings in place.’

  2. 5 out of 5


    ‘It truly has been a Blessing to have someone like Rocky in my life. He shares his knowledge and techniques – He Gets It!, and then YOU get it!
    My sessions with him, and learning tapping have been the best survival tools! I now can say I have ‘peace in my mind’ and most importantly ‘peace in my heart’ – because the difficult days are now shorter and farther in between.’

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