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CEO of You a 6-week online learning community for professionals who are ready to break up with draining habits (i.e. confusion, over commitment, doubt, blame and lack), to become the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) of their own life and have more time to do the things they love in a safe and supportive environment.


For the 6 Week CEO of YOU Course, you will receive –

  • Worksheets, strategies and tools and activities
  • 6 x 60-Minute Live Webinars
  • Accountability
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 1 x 60-Minute Coaching Session
  • Support from an ICF Accredited Coach

Location: Online


Why this will make a difference to your well-being

Personal Growth and Learning – as you participate and engage in CEO of YOU, you will discover additional self-worth and evolve as a person. Meeting consistently with a group of like-minded people can bring a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth.

Energy and Flow – there may be days (or weeks) in your profession or business when you do not have very much energy. However, when you are aligned with your own heart and soul and other people something happens and life starts to flow with ease and grace.

Accountability – no longer will you feel like you are trying to do it all by yourself! In CEO of YOU, you will be setting up, focusing on and developing systems to track your accountability. You will find yourself more inspired to take action when you have a support system cheering you on.

Encouragement and Support – you will have encouragement from other CEO of YOU members. When was the last time someone gave you genuine support and celebrated your successes? In CEO of YOU, we want to share your successes, no matter how big or small they may seem!

Background and Why?

There are a number of reasons why it is important for women to focus on looking after themselves. Some of the research states –

  • Australian women are more likely to report a long-term mental or behavioural problem and higher levels of psychological distress than men.
  • Working Australians are reporting significantly lower levels of job satisfaction and work-life balance.
  • Family and financial issues were the leading cause of stress for women.
  • One in three marriages end in divorce.
  • Women are significantly more likely than men to be concerned about most sources of stress including financial issues, family and relational issues, health issues – self or other, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • More than one in five Australians (22%) reported mental health issues as a source of stress.

These factors as well others can have an impact on the health and well-being of women, so it comes as little surprise that women are finding it increasingly difficult to find time to nurture their own personal and professional well-being, so they can take time out and prioritise themselves.

What am I going to get from the course?

For the 6 Week CEO of YOU Course, you will receive –

  • Worksheets, strategies and tools and activities – each broken down in to simple, actionable steps

You will receive a variety of practical tools to help you get to know YOU as well as the resources to get organised.

  • 6 x 60-Minute Recorded Webinars

There will be 6x 60 minute recorded webinars, where you can ask questions. They will also be recorded in small sections with workbooks, so people can progress at their own pace.

  • Accountability

Our secret Facebook group is a great place to share your focus and successes, so we can help you stay accountable and celebrate you!

  • Private Facebook Group

When you join CEO of You, you can connect with other like-minded people in our private Facebook group.

  • 1 x 60-Minute Coaching Session

You will receive 1x 60 minute coaching session, which will be recorded and support you to be the CEO of You!

You will have access to ICF Certified Coach whilst CEO of you is running in the private Facebook group.

What Will You Learn?

Specifically you will –

  • Learn ways to manage what is coming at you in your personal life.
  • Identify the best version of your life, so you can start to establish lasting and sustainable habits to create that place.
  • Discover ways you unconsciously drain your time and energy in your life and then create strategies to fix the time and energy leaks.
  • Focus on prioritising and identify strategies to overcome procrastination.
  • Strategies to de-clutter and simplify your life.
  • Explore aspects of your personal and professional life that need tweaking and ways you can take the next step towards change.
  • Determine your strengths, skills and talents (yes you do have them!).
  • Learn techniques to bring you back in to alignment when life starts to get busy and overwhelming.
  • Determine the people in your life whom you can trust and turn to for support.
  • Create clear boundaries in your life and learn to say no gracefully (yes you can).
  • Develop awareness around what is really stopping you from developing habits for well-being and creating work and life you love!


We will take the time so you can align to your mind, heart and spirit. The mind work is about becoming aware of attitudes, beliefs and stories about your finances, the heart work looks at the practices of forgiveness, emotional intelligence and self-compassion of financial well-being and the spirit work relates to living in alignment with your gifts and making a difference to others.

Who is the target audience?

CEO of You is for you if-

  • Are ready to break up with self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours and create habits that give you energy;
  • Would like to step forward and stand in your own power (with the support of other wonderful women) and know you cannot do it all on your own;
  • Want to continue to succeed in a way that is connected to your heart and soul;
  • Reconnect with your deepest values and live in a more connected and sustainable way;
  • Are ready to connect with a group of like-minded people to support you in being the expert of your own journey (yes we want to celebrate you and are not intimidated by your gifts and talents);
  • Build a grounded sense of self-confidence and self-worth and change self-sabotaging patterns;
  • Are waking up or have woken up to the truth of yourself as so much more than you thought;
  • Want to be held accountable to your dreams and desires and live in harmony with all areas of your life;
  • Want to belong to a community that is practical and grounded in research and education;
  • Are ready to keep growing and learning to continue to tale your personal and professional life to the next level!


Currently, maybe you –


  • Are over-committed?
  • Feel like you don’t have enough time?
  • Can’t remember your own needs and priorities in life?
  • Are trying to fit it all in, however are feeling tired and run down?
  • Continue to doubt and question yourself?
  • Have your paperwork piling up and cannot find what you are looking for?
  • Or even feeling a sense of powerlessness over your career and life?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry you are not alone!

Why not join us for CEO of You, so you can discover where you are and start creating a life you love!



Instructor's Biography

Jane Taylor is the Owner/Director of Habits for Wellbeing.

Jane’s mission is to help women change the way they see themselves by supporting them to reclaim their power and embrace their gifts through coaching and education so they can live in alignment with their true selves and make their contribution –

“Discover Your Courage to Be Yourself…

One Habit at a Time.”

Jane is the creator of CEO of You, CEO of your Finances and Wholehearted Academy – an online community for women who are ready to find the time and courage, to release what is no longer serving them, so they can discover the truth, freedom, love and joy within their life. Rumi puts it like this – “What you seek is also seeing you.” and the Tao the Ching – “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

Jane was born in the Hunter Valley of NSW (Australia) and many of her earliest memories relate to tennis. Jane was given a tennis racquet for her fifth birthday and picked up tennis quite easily. One thing led to another and all of a sudden Jane was playing tournaments and doing quite well.

At 15, she won the National 16 & Under Singles Title and a few weeks later the National 18 & Under Singles Title. Jane was selected to go to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra (Australia) and then travelled the world playing tennis for 10 years.

On the outside, it appeared like she was doing well, however personally Jane had a lot of health issues whilst playing tennis – including viral meningitis and a herniated disc in her L4/L5 lumbar region. Jane struggled to cope with everything that came with being a tennis player (like fame and travelling the world) not to mention leading a harmonious life as she often felt something was missing. However, Jane did learn a lot about life and the diverse world we live in.

In 1994, Jane reached the 3rd Round of the Australia Open Singles Event (and was featured on A Current Affair), which was the pinnacle of her tennis career. After winning 10 International Tennis Federation Singles Events, a shoulder injury finally ended Jane’s tennis career at the 1997 US Open. Jane struggled with this transition – not only with not knowing what to do, but also because she felt tennis was the only thing people would talk to her about and now that was gone. Jane also wasn’t great at expressing emotions or being totally truthful and honest with herself with what she wanted (for a variety of reasons) and Jane totally wanted out of life.

Jane ended up going to university and graduating as a Health and Physical Education Teacher (with Hons). At the completion of university Jane moved to the Gold Coast (Australia). Besides the amazing weather and being by the beach, the main reason Jane moved away was because she wanted to reinvent herself and not be known as the tennis player anymore.

Jane went on to complete her Masters of Education Studies and taught as a health and physical education teacher for nearly three years, which she really enjoyed. Jane volunteered for a telephone counselling service and then went on to work in a national mental health and well-being initiative called MindMatters for 7 1/4 years. During that time, Jane delivered over 450 events to approximately 11200 people on leadership, mental health and well-being, including working with a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

In August 2008, Jane found herself in a silent meditation retreat. This retreat changed her life. Jane woke up and realised that everything she was searching for from the outside world, was actually within her already! Since that experience – Jane has been more committed to taking better care of herself and removing the masks she had worn and accumulated over the years, and become a more authentic, present, loving and honest person not only for other people, but also towards herself.

As she continued to embody her experiences in life, Jane has done a lot of reflecting/inquiring and to be honest, Jane wouldn’t change a thing. Not the injuries, the abuse, the self-hatred, loneliness, anger, the focus on striving and achievement, the thoughts and beliefs of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy of love, connection or belonging”, the perfectionism or that other people’s opinion of her are more important than her own.

Jane wouldn’t change any of them – not because she wants to go through them again, but because those experiences have helped her learn the lessons she needed to learn and they have given her the confidence and insight to share her message. Every single one of those experiences has helped her to realise we are so much more than our physical identity or who we think we are.

As she has found the courage to be her true self, she feels aligned to be able to support other women to “Discover Your Courage to Be Yourself… One Habit at a Time”, which is what Habits for Well-being is all about.

Jane’s formal qualifications and memberships-

Masters of Educational Studies at Griffith University with Academic Excellence (GPA 6.5), 5 Masters of Guidance and Counselling subjects at the University of QLD, Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Health and Physical Education at the University of Newcastle with Honours, Diploma of Life Coaching, Certificate IV in Life Coaching & Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) with the LCA, Certificate IV in Small Business (with the LCA), Certificate IV in Assessor and Workplace Training, Certificate IV in Management and Team Leadership. An Accredited Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.



How long does CEO of You go for?

CEO of You goes for 6 weeks (how does this work for those not starting on the dates on your website)? Once you have paid and completed the program once, you will have access to future program updates.


Ho much does CEO of You cost?

CEO of You costs $375.


How old must you be to join CEO of You?

You must be 18 years or older to register.


I am not very technical, can I still participate?

It’s simple and easy to participate.

Do you currently have-

  • An email account?
  • Can you access Facebook?
  • Access to a reasonable Internet connection?
  • Know how to watch YouTube or access videos online?

Yes- Great! You will be able to participate in CEO of You.


Is CEO of You psychotherapy or counselling?

No it is not.

CEO of You is an educational program, not treatment for any physical or mental health condition. Participants in the program take responsibility for their own experience, and Jane Taylor and guest experts do not have a professional relationship with you.


Could CEO of You be useful for coaching, mindfulness or psychotherapy training?

It is important to understand that CEO of You is not coaching, mindfulness or psychotherapy training. However, it could be a useful add-on to these as well as education/ teacher and human resources training.

CEO of You is all about education- providing tools, strategies and resources to support you to make any changes you choose to and become the expert in your own life and stand in your own power.

If you are in psychotherapy whilst you are involved with CEO of You, please tell your therapist.


I don’t live in Australia, can I still join CEO of You?

Of course you can! This is precisely why the webinars are recorded, the resources created in this way and the convenience of a Facebook page group- so we can cater for individual needs and requirements.


What currency is CEO of You offered in?

CEO of You is offered in Australian (AUD) currency.


Do I get one on one training?

You will receive a 1x 60 minute coaching session. You will also receive access to the live webinars. The webinars include teaching from Jane, self-inquiry exercises, and some time for Q & A. You will also have access to the private Facebook group.

Do you offer refunds?

No- all sales are final on digital products and programs. We do not offer refunds.


Restrictions and guidelines

Participants must be 18 years or older to register.

Refunds and cancellations

Online self-paced course- no refunds or cancellations available.


Not applicable- Online course

CEO of You is all about you developing self-awareness and self-knowledge so you can be empowered to BE the expert in your own career and life. Throughout the 6 weeks, you will be getting clarity on what is holding you back in your career and life, developing effective habits, boundaries, support and most importantly learning to trust yourself again so you can continue to create a business/ career and life you love!

The topics for each week are –

Week 1- Time to pause

In Week 1, you will implement a self-management process for your time and energy and ways to overcome procrastination. You will also identify behaviours that have been draining and nourishing you as well as a simple and effective way to start listening to your mind, body and soul.

Week 2- Getting clarity

In Week 2, you will focus on taking time to get clarity and identify where you are in all areas of your life. You will be identifying your essential needs, identify ways to create more connection to your needs in your life and strategies to transform any barriers in your life.

Week 3- Trusting you!

In Week 3, you will discover ways to learn to trust yourself again. You will be taken through a process to discover your vision for your life, your ‘Why?’ as well as your skills, strengths and talents. You will also start focusing on developing more of a growth mindset for business/ career and life.

Week 4- Your B of D

Week 4 is about identifying your own Board of Directors and developing boundaries in your life. You will also identify where you are currently giving your power away and ways you can take back that power , as well as ways to start taking in to consideration your own needs in relationships.

Week 5- Receiving

Yes, Week 5 is about receiving! As you are used to give a lot of yourself, this week we are focusing on ways you receive in life as well as identify ways you may block yourself from receiving and allow yourself to open up to receiving more. We will also simplify and de-clutter!

Week 6- The Next Step

Week 6 is about living on purpose and identifying and focusing on your next step. Jane will guide you through a process on the live webinar to support you to feel confident and ready to live in alignment with your mind, heart and soul. There will also be time to ask questions on the webinar.



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