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Learn how to increase your awareness and sensitivity to energy

This weekend course is an eye opening experience, teaching you how to increase your awareness and sensitivity to energy. Through the meditations, energetic techniques and energetic balances, you will discover a fresh approach to all aspects of your life, learning skills to open your heart and bring you more joy, love and energy. This is a journey of self-discovery through the heart.

What You Will Learn & Experience
• Simple & profound meditations to still the mind and open the heart.
• How to feel your own and other people’s energy centres.
• The First Gate energetic opening technique.
• How to open your energetic field and balance another person’s.
• The first stage of Release work: How to release held emotions which cause illness in the body.
• A basic introduction to the physiology of the energy body.
• Radiance, resonance and magnetic hand techniques for healing illness.
• The first level of training to becoming an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner.


This experience is only available in Sydney.



This workshop is called ‘Skills for Living’ because you experience and learn skills and techniques to help you live a healthy and happy life, in your body, mind and heart.  The skills you learn in this weekend, you will be able to use for the rest of your life.


Why this will make a difference to your well-being

There are so many wonderful things to take away from this weekend, but the ones that stand out include:


Understanding emotional stress

Understand what it does to your body, how it happens and how you can help yourself to avoid this having a negative impact on your body when life gets the better of you.

Effective healing techniques

Learn effective healing techniques to help your family and friends with real problems, from as soon as you finish the weekend. You will be able to help them heal things like burns, headaches, sprains, stomach pains, period pain, colds & flu, as well as low energy and a low immune system. It’s incredible all the things you can do after just one weekend.

Simple meditation techniques

Learn simple meditation techniques with expert guidance and support. If you’ve never meditated before, or have struggled with it, you will get the hang of what it’s about and how it can make a difference in your whole life – it’s not just for you mental health – meditation calms the mind, as well as the bio-electrical system in the body, which in turn has a positive effect on your physical body. Plus it brings peace, stillness and relaxation, which makes you feel like you’ve been on holidays – who doesn’t want to feel like that all the time?

An understanding of the mind/body connection

So you understand what happens to your stomach when you worry, but what about when you get angry, or sad or embarrassed? Or if you’ve had a serious trauma in your life? Understanding how this works can have a massive impact on your physical and emotional health – plus, we give you ways to help change these patterns and heal physical issues created by these issues in the past.

Receive a Circulation of the Light Wellness Balance

Receiving a Circulation of the Light Wellness Balance. This is a brilliant balance that restores and promotes the flow of energy in the body. It also increases energy, improves the immune system and helps the body find total balance. This is lovely to receive and probably just what you need to relax and unwind. You’ll also learn how to give this balance, so you can share it with your family and friends. It’s also fantastic to help get over colds and flu and also to help get over jet lag!

A real connection with your heart

We talk about the heart quite a lot in AcuEnergetics® and that is because it’s so important. Not just the obvious fact that physically it circulates oxygen and gives us life, but the heart is our centre for feeling, both physically and emotionally. If we hold tension in our heart, we will start to get symptoms like poor circulation, cold hands and feet, anxiety and other ailments. For those of us who have experienced loss or who have been hurt, our hearts may be holding in a different way, trying to protect us from this type of pain again. This can also create a host of physical problems, but the emotional ones are just as important, since a contraction in the heart will prevent us from experiencing the truly positive emotions in life like love, peace and compassion.

You’ll learn how to feel energy

Feeling energy is not something for the gifted – it’s possible for everyone to do it – it just takes some expert guidance and for you to get in the right head space to do it. In fact, you’ve already done it. Have you ever walked into a room and without speaking a word, felt like you could cut the tension with a knife? You’re not being psychic – you’re feeling the energy transpiring between those people. Or what about ‘feeling’ like someone is staring at you from across the room, only to turn around and realize you were right. Actually what you were feeling was their attention on you – that’s energy. We teach you how to learn to feel this energy, primarily for healing in the body. When you can feel, you can heal.

You can get in touch with you and what you need

When was the last time you spent a whole weekend on you and your needs? This weekend is a little time to reflect on your life and yourself and how you feel. It will nourish not only your body, but your mind, your emotions, your heart and your spirit too. At the end of the weekend, you will have clarity and understanding around how you are, and how you can improve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.




What is Acuenergetics?

AcuEnergetics is a modern healing method, that integrates Chinese, Judaic, Indian and western healing practices into a unique and effective approach to treating and preventing illness in the body. It was developed over the past 40 years by an Australian, Kevin Niv Farrow.

AcuEnergetics understands that pain and dysfunction in the body and mind is a result of congested energetic pathways- which can be opened to restore health and eliminate pain.

With its comprehensive understanding of the energetic physiology and anatomy of the body, AcuEnergetics transforms pain and disease in the body and mind, by restoring the natural energy flow.

Many thousands of years ago a method similar to AcuEnergetics must have existed in some form or another. We can conclude this because the maps of the human energetic system that exist today date back to these ancient times. The ancient maps acted as a guide to understanding how we hold illness and tension in the body and how ultimately we can release this, to promote healing and optimal health. Ancient physicians would have understood that the physical body is affected by the mind, through the energetic system.

The effectiveness of AcuEnergetics is due to its understanding of the whole body energy and its connection to the mind, which is vital for the treatment of any symptom in the body.

AcuEnergetics works because of one basic principle. Restore flow= restore function. This means that restoring the flow of bio-electricity or energy in the body and mind will restore the natural functions. We see all medical conditions as symptomatic of energy blockages or resistance, in the body and/ or mind. If the problem includes the mind, it occurs because the human bio-energy (or qi) isn’t separate from our emotions. When we hold emotions we hold energy.

We treat using the principle that energy always follows the path of least resistance. Using our energy techniques, we create avenues of low (paths of low resistance) for energy blockages. This allows the body and/ or mind to stop resisting and resume its healing function.

The energy in our body is extremely sensitive. It responds instantaneously to our attitudes and thoughts.

In order to treat any symptom, we must begin by treating the person and the real cause. That is the attitude and the emotion that created the cycle in the first place. The person needs to understand that it is how we think that matters. When the person sees this and the practitioner opens the relevant energy centres, pathways and channels, the body is on its way to restoring balance. However if the person refuses to see how their anger or grief is making them unwell, then no matter what the practitioner does, it will only be temporary.

The thing to understand is that AcuEnergetics practitioners do not heal the body. Practitioners open the energy centres, pathways and channels so the body can heal itself.



Balmain AcuEnergetics® Centre, 1/372 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041


On the day

Wear comfortable clothing, pants are best (preferably no skirts please)


Session length

Friday night 7.15-8.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm.




24 hours prior to appointment



48 hours prior to appointment







Kevin is the founder of AcuEnergetics® – a healing therapy for the body and mind, practiced around the world – and an internationally recognised healer and expert in energy medicine.
He is also an internationally respected meditation teacher with a unique and simple approach to meditation which has developed from his practice over the last 45 years. His unique understanding and approach to illness attracts people from all over the world to his clinic in Sydney, Australia and his workshops and trainings around the world.
Kevin is the author of Meditation as Medicine, Enlighten: Practices for the Modern Mystic, The Psychology of the Body, and a series of seven meditation CD’s called enlighten (available on iTunes). Kevin has practiced meditation and studied mysticism for most of his life. He lived in India for four years and taught Taoist meditation practices in ashrams both there and in Europe. He has also lectured on Buddhism to Buddhist groups and Kabbalah to Jewish groups. Although he has no formal religious affiliation, his early teachers included Swami Venkatesananda, Osho and Mahayana Zen Master Shan Fo.
Kevin teaches meditation and AcuEnergetics® workshops around all over world, including The Netherlands, India, USA, Italy, Singapore, Romania, UK and Australia.

2 reviews for AcuEnergetics® Skills for Living weekend workshop

  1. 5 out of 5


    “Level 1 was a really fun and amazing weekend. It opened me up to a new way of thinking and a new way of understanding the body and the mind. For the first time I learnt how to feel energy and it was doable. The meditations and the practical energetic skills we learned will come in handy for the rest of my life. I LOVED it – thank you AcuEnergetics® for opening my mind and my heart!”

  2. 5 out of 5


    ‘My daughter Lily came to see Kevin after a recommendation by my sister Sarah and her friend Stephanie who is an AcuEnergetics student. Lily was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder at around 2 years of age.
    Over the years we have been on a healing journey with Lilly and have watched her slowly emerge from the distant other world that is Autism and learn how to be represent here and now with us.
    Lily is now 5 and we went to see Kevin as we heard he had experienced some success with children who were Autistic. Lilly formed a rapport with Kevin right away and after 5 or 6 sessions, we saw an amazing improvement in her cognitive processes. For the first time she understood the concept of time, she could understand what ‘in a minute’ meant and grasped that ‘in a couple of minutes’ meant longer! She began to speak of the events of yesterday and anticipate future events and correctly label them with ‘tomorrow’. This was a massive leap forward in her development. Before AcuEnergetics we could only speak in terms of ‘first and then’ which dealt with immediate needs, for e.g. First a sandwich then a drink. Now she can speak of and understand the concept of time in an age appropriate way.
    She has also begun to grasp the concept of ‘why’. Previous to AcuEnergetics Lilly understood how, when and where but not why. Now Lilly can answer ‘why questions’ and has even begun to ask some of her own which is music to our ears!
    These are big developmental steps that were achieved in such a short amount of time thanks to Kevin- and Lilly for opening her heart! Since these sessions I have myself attended the AcuEnergetics Level 1 course to learn more about AcuEnergetics so I can continue on with Lilly’s treatment. In the future I would love to learn all there is to know about this way of working with energy as I have seen and felt the results and am impressed by the accuracy of the method.’

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