Manage your Anger

May 31, 2016

Understanding Anger

Holding onto anger is like grasping onto a hot coal with the intent of throwing […]
May 30, 2016

Where does Anger come from?

Commonly anger is closely related to frustration – things don’t always turn out the way […]
May 29, 2016

Different Types of Anger

  As humans we don’t like to deal with anger and therefore it doesn’t always […]
May 28, 2016

When does Anger become a problem?

When does Anger become a problem?   You are developing anxiety or depression, regarding your […]
May 27, 2016

Anger Management Strategies

The aim of anger management is not to get rid of anger completely. Anger is […]
May 23, 2016

Benefits of Managing your Anger

Anger management can help you:   A boost in confidence and self esteem Strong and […]