How it works

Ever wished you could take control of your well-being on your own terms? What if you could pick and choose what You know needs working on in your well-being?

Tailored to who you really are?
No pressure.
No elitism.
No establishment of exclusive communities or moral high grounds.
No, I am better than you because I drink coconut water.
Just a safe place to experiment that will help you discover what works for you and your well-being. Making you a better version of yourself.
On your own terms.

At Inbreathe we offer two types off experiences ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Online Experiences

The delivery of a well-being program by electronic means, such as, a computer. E-learning involves the use of a computer or electronic device (e.g. a mobile phone) in some way to provide well-being training, educational or learning material.

Offline Experiences

In person delivery of the well-being experience, either at a pre-defined location or upon agreement between the customer and supplier (this will differ depending on the supplier and type of experience).

3 steps = change 


Explore & Shop for your experience

Identify the changes necessary in your current well-being status. If you already know what you would like for your well-being, simply go to ‘Shop experiences’ and choose your experience/s by category (Grow, Connect, Move, Nourish, Detox and/ or Heal). If you need a little more help to define what your well-being goals are, then feel free to browse our FREE Well-Being Wisdom Centre for more well-being ideas and experiences.


Buy it from our secure online shop in just a few easy steps. Once you have made your purchase; you are automatically able to download your experience voucher and receive further instructions on how to proceed. Congratulations, you are on your way to making better well-being choices and improving your quality of life!

Experience & Share

Become one of Inbreathe’s well-being guru's and share your well-being story and journey with us. Either through our website ‘Our Community’- Share your story, our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Well-being made easy. It’s as simple as that…

What’s going on?

We live in exciting times. Never have individuals been more empowered to take action and make great changes to their well-being.

At Inbreathe, we believe the key to long term well-being is all about learning better principles. It’s a focus on how our lifestyle and behaviours impact on our long term health and longevity.

In today’s day and age, we are able to have more and experience more. The answer lies in self-actualization: the endless search to become the person we dream of being.

For millions around the world, health and wellness – physical, mental and emotional – are a fundamental part of that search. That means they're essential to how we seek meaning in our lives.

It's about health as self-enrichment. Health as achievement.

At Inbreathe, we want to help. We want to be part of this movement. Part of this movement focused on prevention, taking a holistic, well-rounded approach, self-care solutions with emotional well-being at the core. We don’t want to wait to treat emotional problems when they arise; we want to foresee these problems and help people recognise how to avoid mental health issues.

So how can we meet those expectations – and help people fulfil their dreams of being better humans?

How can we make it simpler, as we go about our busy day to day lives?

So we thought about it- and created it- a simple one stop shop for all your well-being needs. Be that you want to Grow, Connect, Move, Nourish, Detox or Heal. We are here to guide you. Just choose a well-being area of interest and start exploring. There are no wrong ways to go about it- do what feels right.

Why these suppliers and how are they chosen?

We’ve identified our suppliers to be among the best in their well-being fields. We’ve met with them, understood how they operate, and visited and experienced their products ourselves.

Interestingly, (and contrary to popular opinion), ‘best practice’ is not necessarily a measure of how well a supplier is doing financially or how many social media followers they may have - but also of their capacity and commitment to effect sensitive, one on one, as well as, community-driven change that empowers the individual over the long-term.

Inbreathe’s suppliers show:
  • Long-term commitment to bringing value to the wellness eco-system by being a leading expert in their field;
  • Appropriate qualifications /track record based on their well-being area of expertise;
  • Empowerment of individuals, rather than ‘projecting’ their own solutions and a one size fits all approach;
  • They are relationship based, not just there to make money;
  • They truly care about making a difference in the lives of others;
  • An organisational culture of continuous improvement;
  • A value based approach and where possible a process of ‘serving others’ to better the individual;
  • That they do not have all the answers and are willing to work in collaboration as part of a team with other well-being thought leaders to further raise the profile of the industry and share wisdom amongst each other;
  • That they are committed to improving the emotional well-being of others;
  • They have social media pages and a webpage;
  • That they believe in social responsibility and they want to give back to the individual and society as a whole;
  • They are part of a network of global partners and works with best practices from the well-being industry from all over the world.