Get to know yourself better through journaling

I write in a journal daily. This amazing habit has revolutionised my mindset, transformed what I achieve and overall influenced my life enormously.

During puberty and my teenage years with a fountain of emotional excess, I would write in a journal. In this way I had a record of my internal mess and confusion and hoped that it would help me release any negative energy. What I could not account for, was that this continuous record of my internal space would provide me with self-knowledge and insights with invaluable information for taking me through this journey called life. There were lessons to be learned in these pages.

Through a consistent journaling habit, I discovered who I really was, learned to process my emotions more intelligently, and extracted wisdom from situations that had left me overwhelmed. Journaling cleanses your mental space, making way for more sophisticated thinking. It even helps with problem solving—I’d often find myself recording conversations or plans of action to work out the best outcome I wanted to achieve or to review what went wrong and how I could learn from it for the future. Journaling offers a place to eliminate the entire immature, reactionary “child stuff.” My inner self-talk gets to have a place outside of my head, and all of my “big girl” words get practice in fantasy-journal land.

Even when I quickly scan over something I had written during a inpisrtional journal session- it speaks volumes to the range of emotion I feel- the at times indecipherable and erratic handwriting changes show the finished download from my inner space to the page. No judgement or justifications, or second guessing- just a pure form of self-expression that is as necessary to me as looking after my body.

Liberating the parts of me that I don’t want to keep, in this way freeing up my energy to continue revealing the real me in ways that speak to me best. In some way, this written account illustrates the best and worst moments in my personal history, and helps me release this load, so I can enjoy my everyday life as it materializes.

Revisiting old entries has helped me to notice outdated thinking patterns—the actual words I use to attack my own potential. Now I know how to stop it from happening, as soon as I hear myself starting to think or say them aloud. By embracing the real, vulnerable, undeveloped me inked on the page, it allows me to be content with who I was and where I am in my personal journey.

In the empty space shaped after a successful journaling session, the woman I desire to become can shine through: empathetic and optimistic; an expressive woman who approaches her life with balance and authenticity.

Are you ready to reconnect with yourself through journaling today?