Be an energy giver, not taker


Relationships are always an energy exchange.

We can be people who give energy most of the time or take energy from others.

What’s important to remember is that we cannot always be energy givers. We all go through cycles and sometimes we can get caught in a negative groove.

It’s best to strive for being an energy giver most of the time. That most of the time it feels good being around us.

In today’s society, at times it feels like we have to label many things and generalise. You’re either this or that. If you have a bad day than your automatically not a positive person or energy giver- you’re an energy taker. Or if you smile all the time- than your life must be perfect or your just pretending.

Let’s stop the judgement and give ourselves and others the permission to be human. We are not always constant.

Ask yourself:

Is your glass half full most of the time? Do you generally move past the drama of a situation and see the opportunities that present even when it seems like everything is going against you? Do you instinctively look for the positives and learning’s from a situation rather than dwell in what went wrong and looking to “blame” and complain?

Are you a problem solver? Get into action and creative solution mode. Find and implement innovative solutions that work. Concentrate on what can be done, not what can’t.

If you want to be an energy giver, lift more burden than you leave. Sometimes we are simply not in a state of being where this is possible. This happens when we face major challenges. Make these situations an exception in life, rather than a daily pattern. Energy givers seek to lift more burden than they leave. This happens through encouraging words, thoughtful gestures and proactive solutions.

So give more than you take. Smile. Send positive thoughts. Be enthusiastic. Keep growing spiritually, mentally, physically and intellectually. Compliment and encourage and look for good in others. Look and believe the best in others. Look for ways to serve others. Do more than is expected of you. Be loving and grateful. Enjoy life!

Lets just strive to be better than the person we were yesterday.