Anger is a gift


Anger gets you more in touch with yourself.

The body and mind sometimes work together to tell us we need to work less or find more time to relax. Motivating ourselves to enjoy life more and stress less is one of the best benefits of anger.

Your anger grabs your attention, by opening up an inner dialogue between you and the problem and helping you gain clarity about what matters most to you. No matter what degree of anger you are feeling, you’re experiencing it because it means a lot to you.


Anger highlights your triggers.

Anger not only focuses you outward, towards what’s bothering you, it also is very effective at helping you focus inward. One of the main gifts of anger is that it highlights your inner world. Keep a journal every time you are angry- keep it simple by writing down the focus of your anger and write down what you would change if faced with that situation again. Look for patterns when you are angry. Are you angry when someone disrespects you? Do you feel anger when you have to wait for someone or something? Is your anger trigger injustice or simply being misunderstood? Taking time to understand your anger better will show you both the outer and the inner cause of your anger. Having this knowledge will help you recognise the best course of action.

So in summary, what pushes your buttons? Write down when, who and what situations make you angry.

Look for things that make you angry often.

Think about why these things make you angry.


Anger emphasises how powerful you are and empowers you to find solutions and be creative

Anger is unrelenting. You must take action against anger. If you have made the effort to research the causes of your anger, it can lead to creative solutions. Can you recall a time your anger helped you to find a better way for your relationships and in your life? When it demanded that you reprioritise your day to day tasks and reconsider where you need to place more effort and focus?


Anger makes you change.

This is the ultimate gift. Due to the power of your anger, change that you have avoided becomes possible. By exploring your anger, both from an inner and outer perspective, you will bring value to your life through the changes it initiates, changes that didn’t seem possible, even in your wildest dreams.