We are a family

We are a family supporting people to create positive change- everywhere, all the time. We provide invaluable knowledge needed for our people to become more aware, intentional and purposeful individuals. We also provide knowledge for teams, organisations, families and communities to flourish with the realisation that our lives really can be created and chosen.

At Inbreathe, we endeavor to appeal to the tribes within our cities that are delightfully diverse, yet share common pursuits for holistic wellbeing and unique experiences. Our shared goal is creating memories through experiences and improving one’s overall wellbeing and contributing to the well-being of others. This is for everybody who believes in ‘collecting’ experiences and enriching their lives through the interactions these experiences bring.

We believe in empowering others to overcome personal challenges and develop the skills to live happier, more authentic lives.

Look out for our up and coming opportunities to be part of our community.