Why is Correct Breathing Important?

“One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing”- Byron Nelson


Breathing is important for two reasons:


  • It supplies our bodies and its various organs with oxygen, which is vital for our survival.

In fact, through our breathing we provide oxygen to our body which cannot be stored and must be replenished continuously and steadily, so it is important to know how to breathe properly.

In addition, it’s the oxygen that allows the brain to work and if the oxygen is scarce the blood must flow faster.


  • With our breathing, we also get rid of waste products and toxins from the body.

Through our breathing, we bring not only oxygen to our body but also excrete toxic substances that we have created and with bad breathing these can easily stagnate in our bodies and damage our vital functions.

Unfortunately, most of us use only a third of the actual breathing capacity and, therefore, we cannot breathe well.


Some signs of bad breathing:

– Hold our breath at times

– Feel the need for a long breath

– Have a very short breath

– Ran out of breath when we are moving faster.


Our breathing is also the link between our body and our mind and for both to function well, they need oxygen.

If our way of breathing is short and quick our minds will be nervous and agitated.

If our breathing is irregular the mind is anxious and disturbed.