What is Journaling?

Each time you make an entry into your journal, you open another door into yourself– Lucia Capacchione, M.A., The Well-Being Journal



Journaling is keeping a diary or journal that considers the thoughts and feelings surrounding your life events.

A journal is a written record of your thoughts, experiences, and observations. You can write in your journal daily, or only when you feel the need.

There are no rules, no rights or wrongs with journaling. You are absolutely free to express yourself within the space of a journal.


Why keep a journal?


  • To preserve memories. We are constantly losing pieces of our own lives, pieces of ourselves. A journal is a way of keeping them.
  • Improve your writing. Your journal is also a place to collect ideas and material for creative writing. All of the sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings you record, the overheard pieces of conversation, the people you were watching in the street — all of these can be recycled in stories and poems. These observed details will give your creative writing the texture of reality.
  • Sharpen your senses. Writing about your experience can make you a better observer. When we know we’re going to write about something, we pay a different kind of attention to it. Keeping a journal gets you in the habit of noticing the details of your daily life. The result is like a heightening of the senses, as you observe the world with greater richness and complexity.
  • Journaling is therapeutic. It helps to pour out your emotions in writing.


Types of Journals


  • A daily journal, which can be used to record memorable moments from your life.
  • An expressive journal, which is designed to give you space to pour out your emotions and feelings.
  • A dream journal that can help you put all those vivid dreams onto paper.
  • A travel journal that enables you to document all your wild excursions.
  • A hobby journal to write about personal interests. For instance, if you are into craft beer, consider writing about each new brew you try.