Tools and Strategies for Embracing Failure

Tools and Strategies for Embracing Failure


Ignore the ‘I told you so’ people.

Know that Its OK to fail- It’s not OK to give up. Keep failing over and over again if you have to. Keep on doing it until you succeed.

Leverage your failures- Write out what you failed at and why you failed. Did you have deep enough meaning to your goals in the past? What could you have done differently?  What are the main causes of my failure? If you still believe in your goals, you can use the failure as leverage to push past the old limitations of your past.

Put an action plan into place.

You have to learn from failure- don’t keep making the same mistakes, make your learning curve shorter and achieve the success you crave.


  1. We learn some of our best lessons through failure.
  2. Failure inspires us. If we look at it properly and don’t allow it to define us, failure can be a great source of motivation.
  3. Failure teaches us humility. We feel humble after losing and recognize that we are indeed human.
  4. Embracing failure allows us to take more risks. Once we come to terms with having failed and survived, we can take greater risks.
  5. Failure makes success taste even better. We have a better appreciation of success having failed a few times on the way up the ladder.


Failure teaches us courage.

Failure reveals our ability.

Failure makes us stronger.

Failure is better than regret.

Failure leaves us open to better opportunities.