How do Professional Organisers work?

For the Home

Hiring a professional organiser might seem like a disaster-only situation, but many people — from busy professionals to overwhelmed stay-at-home parents — find it worthwhile to call in the reinforcements. Professional organizers can help around the home in loads of ways. They can:

  • Tackle a closet packed to the brim with questionable clothing ensembles and an army of shoes, restocking it in a way that makes sense
  • Address a playroom littered with toys that never seem to find the appropriate storage nooks and crannies
  • Assist with paperwork pileups scattered across desks, whether that’s a heap of unsorted bills, daunting tax forms or complicated estate planning
  • Wrangle a client’s electronic life down to a more manageable level
  • Attack a jam-packed attic, basement or garage
  • Help out in life-changing situations like a downsized home, a big move or a merging of households


When hiring professional organisers, it’s important to express your needs as clearly as you can. Their job is to listen — without judgment — and hatch a plan to get your organisational situation on track. Remember that organisers are different from housecleaners — people who come into your home, tidy things up and leave. Instead, professional organisers offer visits and consultations to help you solve the immediate concerns and develop long-term strategies for moving forward. Most professional organisers prefer in-home (or in-office) consultations, although virtual visits may be an option if you live in a remote area.

For the Office (Or the Home Office)

Some professional organisers focus on helping in the business environment. They might address time management, goal setting and other workflow issues. They could help employees with file management — both physical and electronic — or they might address space design complications. But basically, it’s similar to the residential organiser’s two-prong approach: assisting employees with addressing specific and immediate issues, and training them to be more efficient and organised in the future.

Sometimes, office organisers can be hired to help an entire department or company. If you notice your employees seem to have trouble meeting their deadlines or prioritizing their workloads, but you believe they’re still quality workers who could simply benefit from a little additional on-the-job training, you might want to consider hiring a professional organiser to shore up their skills and get them back on track.