History of Storytelling

Long before the written word, (about 7000 years ago), long before the printed word, (about 2000 years ago) long before the theatre, (about 2,500 years ago) long before the printing press (about 500 years ago) and long before the mass production of books (about 150 years ago) and the explosion of authors, long before movies and television, computers, iPods and the internet, was the storyteller,

Every culture across the human world has invented and told stories.  It is in fact the oldest form of education.  They have told stories for a range of reasons most of which fall into entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and to instill moral values.  Stories were kept alive by being told and retold and passed on through the generations, they were conveyed through the oral telling and not through the written word.  And because of this they were considered to be owned by everyone.

This has changed enormously, many traditions of storytelling died away because of the things I mentioned at the beginning – writing, printing, mass produced books, movies, TV and computers.  Stories of course didn’t die away, but the way we told stories changed and some people think perhaps something was lost, something about our connections to each other.

But many peoples that kept their old ways, have kept their storytelling and their stories

It is human nature to think in terms of story, our brains attach to story, think in story and we respond emotionally to story.  Stories go straight to our hearts. Our brains are the machinery to understand, remember and tell stories, and we live lives of story.  We remember information in the brain by story.  We dream in story form, we daydream; we plan, hope, anticipate and understand the world around us all in type of story.

When we immerse ourselves in a story, whether by a storyteller or in an add on TV, we become entranced, like a magic spell has been cast and we are right there in that story.  Stories and storytelling is powerful.


Source: http://www.storywise.com.au/what-is-storytelling.html