History of Detox

History of Detox

Detoxification is an ancient process that dates back as far as the Roman, Greek, Native American and Indian Cultures. Traditional herbal medicine is cross cultural. It was and has been a ritual in many societies. The premise surrounds around the process of purification and cleansing. Many effective techniques are still sound ways to rid the body of toxins. Saunas, fasting, rebounding, dry brush, herbs, rest, water, meditation, exercise and a variety of body work are some examples.

The history of Hippocratic medicine dictated the first principles of scientific medicine. The belief was that medicine depended on an equilibrium of four humours: bile, phlegm, yellow bile, black bile and blood. Those treatments today, are still sound ways to detoxify. Massage, enemas, emetics, baths, fasting, counter-irritation, and bloodletting which focused on cleansing and balancing techniques to re-establish humeral equilibrium.

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Ancient Methods


This approach believes that the fundamental cause of disease is toxins in the body. Two approaches are used for eliminating toxins.

  1. Pancha Karma:

Physical elimination processes such as purgatives and medicated enemas.

Five actions are part of this method. They include: therapeutic vomiting, purgatives, medicated enemas, nasal administration, and blood-letting.

  1. Palliation:

After the elimination of the most serious toxins, the process of palliation is administered to neutralize the toxins. The next steps are to either fast to stimulate digestion or by adding products to stimulate digestive fire to burn away toxins in the intestines. Internal use of heat, pungent herbs, exercise, sunbathing and sitting in fresh air are further steps taken.


Native American

This approach to purification ritual included:

1 Sweat lodges:

These are similar to a sauna to induce steam to help release the toxins.

2 Fasting:

A purification process used before ritual ceremonies

3 Smuding:

Smoke from burning sage is waved around the energy field of a person to rid negative energy.


There are many religious traditions that bring rituals of cleansing into the equation. Some examples are: