Different Types of Fear

Different Types of Fear


External fear– Usually caused by a specific event in your past, external fears are caused by something outside of you. Most of these fears are caused by some traumatic event in the past.

Internal fear- Like external fears, these fears are also triggered by events outside of you. However, internal fears are not specific to any circumstance and are due to internal emotions. This can make these fears difficult to recognize.

Internal fears manifest as fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, lack of self-worth and doubt.

Subconscious fear– Other fears are so internal to use that we develop beliefs around them. Subconscious fear is similar to internal fears except subconscious fears are believed to be a part of who we really are. Subconscious fears develop into limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs filter how you see the world. An example of a limiting belief would be if you think you’ll never have a healthy relationship because every relationship you ever had always ended badly. Limiting beliefs usually try to convince you that you’re not good enough to do something.

Because they are beliefs, they are hard to recognize and eliminate. Realize beliefs are not facts. How many beliefs have you had that you realized were not true?