Benefits of using Building Biology

Benefits of using building biology-based protocols for new construction

Benefits of this approach include:

  • completely non-toxic construction
  • ecologically friendly building techniques
  • lower energy bills
  • superior indoor air quality
  • mould-free living environment
  • minimal indoor electric and magnetic field exposure
  • greater comfort for occupants
  • improved health and well-being
  • higher resale value
The Health Effects of Building Biology-Based New Construction

The net result of these and many other features of Building Biology-Based New Construction is that:

  • Occupants are healthier and more satisfied with their homes than owners of traditionally built homes.
  • Occupants feel more alert and less fatigued because of the natural ion balance in indoor air, which is also cleaner.
  • Occupants feel warmer in winter because of radiant heating systems and thermal mass in the walls, while feeling cooler in summer due to natural radiant cooling from thermal mass in the walls.


People report fewer health problems, including less allergies, sinus congestion, asthma and chronic fatigue. This is because we recommend:

  • Electric wiring protocols that reduce allergies and promote a deep, refreshing sleep. Non-toxic materials that do not outgas.
  • Healthy HVAC systems that provide superior indoor air quality.
  • Walls that “breathe,” allowing stale indoor air to be exchanged with fresh outside air right through the wall. Air that passes through a wall with thermal mass is warmed as it slowly moves to the inside so you do not have significant loss of indoor heat.
  • This makes indoor air fresher and free of toxic gasses while keeping the home well insulated.


Cost savings over the life of the building

A stud frame home with batt insulation may be less expensive to build in the first place compared to a home with a Building Biology-recommended thick wall envelope, but you will pay more for energy to heat and cool their home over time. By promoting a healthier living space for the whole family, these thicker walls and foundations also save money on health care costs. This is especially important if you pay for alternative medical treatment for their families out-of-pocket.