Benefits of the Emotional Freedom Technique

  1. You can get rid of anxiety.

Tapping can work to help calm your body’s stress centres, so you can be more balanced and calm.

Whether you believe it or not, this type of acupressure — which is what EFT is — works to create a physical state of calm with your endocrine system.

And as you know, if you’re endocrine system is cool, so are you.

  1. It is fantastic for eliminating craving

To eliminate cravings, you need to eliminate what is causing them. Willpower doesn’t cut it.

So the work is not about the craving, it’s what is underneath.

Tapping or EFT can allow you to dig deeper into what is really causing the craving so you can stop it. Maybe you don’t feel loved. Maybe you’re unhappy with your job or relationship. Maybe you were hurt when you were younger and haven’t healed that emotional scar. Maybe you’re stuck in a neurosis about diet and you’re not getting the right nutrients.

  1. It can help deal with physical pain.

Amazing things happen when people use tapping for pain relief, like back pain gone, arthritis less painful, and headaches completely gone.

  1. Get rid of phobias and fears.

  2. Use it for abundance and success.

We all want to be successful in some aspect of our lives.

You don’t have to be a business person to succeed — you can be a great mom or dad, you can do something really well, you can make beautiful things, you can create change (small or large.)

EFT is fantastic for breaking through issues around not feeling successful or abundant.

EFT is best used at least 2-3 times a week to break through some sort of block you may be having in your life — personal or business.

It’s almost like you can tap it away in minutes. Sometimes, of course, it comes back — but other times, it’s gone for good.

  1. Clear emotional stress and past trauma.

If you’re dealing with something in your past like abuse, emotional trauma, car accident, unexpected death in the family, or many other issues, you may want to try EFT to help you get some closure — or at least emotional relief.

Again, if you’re suffering, getting more tools in the belt is almost always a good thing.

  1. Try it on everything…

If you think of something and you feel like it’s an issue in your life, you can tap on it.

Some examples are attracting good relationships, procrastination, perfectionism, impatience, or sports performance.