Benefits of Mentoring

The Growth Connection points out the following benefits:


Benefits to the Mentee

•Development of potential and knowledge about the organisation
•Flexibility – Mentees negotiate with their mentors to work within available time and other commitments
•Self-directed learning – Mentees choose specific learning objectives
•Complements ongoing formal study and/or training and development activities
•Leads to career mobility and more opportunities as a result of the mentor relationship
•Give and receive feedback
•Receive encouragement and support to achieve goals
•Develop new networks
•Develop new and/or different perspectives
•Get assistance with ideas
•Demonstrate strengths and explore potential
•Develop visibility within or outside an organisation
•Be challenged to use talents and share expertise

Benefits to the Mentor

•Obtain a greater understanding of the barriers experienced at lower levels of the organisation
•Enhance their own skills in coaching, counselling, listening and modelling
•The sense of being needed and recognised professionally
•Develop and practise a more personal style of leadership
•Gain additional recognition and respect
•Learn new perspectives and approaches
•Contribute something to others in the organisation
•Extend professional networks
•Demonstrate expertise and share knowledge