Benefits of Iridology

Iridology treats the person instead of the symptoms. Through understanding your genetic vulnerabilities and reactive patterns, you can maintain balance and guard against illness. The body has its own healing wisdom, given the opportunity. Iridology offers a simple economical way to learn to care for your body.


The fundamental goal of iridology is prevention of serious degenerative processes by integrating nutritional, mechanical (chiropractic), spiritual and emotional support. Some of the benefits of iridology are:

  • Overall health awareness
  • Understanding how the organs interact
  • Knowing which organs are under or over active
  • Becoming familiar with the body’s overall chemistry
  • Knowing the conditions of the nervous, digestive, elimination, lymphatic and structural systems of the body.



  • Inflammation Spotting. Will show where inflammation is present.
  • Reveals areas in the body where acidity has or can accumulate.
  • Body Activity Levels. Will show if any part of your body is over active or under active.
  • Problem Spotting. Will show where problems are occurring in your body.


Rather than a treatment, iridology is a way of detecting signs of developing illness or disease. An iridologist will let you know about your overall health as well as whether you are moving towards illness. An iridologist may diagnose an issue long before clinical symptoms appear.

It is this recognition of the potential for health issues at their earliest stage – before they become problems –- that is one of the main benefits of iridology. This allows you to take action early and make lifestyle changes to ensure you stay healthy. Prevention definitely is the best medicine.



Other benefits of Iridology are:
  • Patients may gain an early advantage in the prevention and treatment of illness, before a small health problem becomes worse.
  • Iridology can allow you to take action early and make lifestyle changes to ensure you stay healthy.
  • Consultation is simple, painless, and non-invasive as the practitioner uses a small flashlight and magnifying glass to examine the eyes.
  • Combined with other natural treatments, Iridology can improve your vibrancy and energy levels.