Benefits of Having an Abundance Mindset

Benefits of Having an Abundance Mindset


  1. An abundance mindset allows us to fail. An abundance mindset says it is a numbers game and that being rejected by an attractive potential partner is not the end of the world. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

That not getting that job offer is ok because something better will come along.

That failing to earn more money is a lesson to be learned on the creation road of certainty to true wealth.

An abundance mentality together with our willingness to fail allows us to push for more things in life without the fear of loss. and failure.


  1. An abundance mindset not only keeps us focused on our goals but actually allows us to attain them. Because YOU KNOW it is possible and YOU KNOW it can be done.

It is the core motivation for us to keep trying and to eventually succeed. The lens of abundance created through an abundance mindset allows us to realize and to tap our true FULL POTENTIAL.

  1. An abundance mindset leads to less attachment and therefore to less negative emotions when we are thwarted in our endeavours. Depression, anger or disappointment can only fester in our minds when we have a scarcity mindset.