Benefits of Finding your Passion/ Purpose

  • Passion brings energy.
  • Passion helps create change and movement.
  • Passion creates a positive environment.
  • Passion ignites others.
  • Passion drives vision.
  • Passion increases influence.
  • Passion brings opportunity and opens the door to success.
  • Focus


People who are living their purpose/ passion feel:


  • Unstoppable;
  • Fulfilled;
  • They are living a value based life;
  • Having fun;
  • Living with integrity;
  • Living with a feeling of trust and faith for what is in store for them;
  • A feeling of grace;
  • They experience flow in their lives;


  1. Knowing your life focus provides a “road map” which significantly reduces or eliminates the stress of indecision or fear of a wrong choice when facing major decisions in life.
  2. Knowing your life purpose will allow you to easily recognize the walls your ladder may be leaning against which are the “wrong” walls.
  3. Knowing your life focus enables you to define and take steps to satisfy those nagging feelings that something is missing in your life.
  4. Knowing your life focus allows you to know what areas of life to focus on and which ones you can eliminate or move to the background, thereby eliminating the stress of feeling guilty for not “keeping up”
  5. Knowing your life focus validates and re-enforces the sense of peace and joy that comes from spending more time in areas that are congruent with your purpose
  6. Knowing your life focus allows you to define and legitimatize some alternative careers for that majority of people who don’t enjoy what they do for a living
  7. Knowing your life focus gives you the courage to step out into something new when you recognize that you are especially equipped for that activity.
  8. If the area is consistent with your life purpose, knowing that life purpose will free you to say no to other things that are competing for your time and attention. If the area is not congruent with your life purpose, it frees you from the guilt of not doing more.
  9. Knowing your life purpose allows you to eliminate a lifetime of accumulated “should do’s” that others have put on you. Should do’s that would advance your life purpose will become want to do’s.
  10. Knowing your life purpose will allow you to step away from activities and responsibilities that are not in alignment with that purpose giving you more time for yourself.
  11. Knowing your life purpose will allow you to move toward satisfying that lack of fulfilment that spawned the question, is that all there is?
  12. Knowing your life purpose will allow you to better define those things that truly will make you happy and stop spending time, effort, and money chasing the wrong rabbits.
  13. Knowing your life purpose frees you from the need to compare yourself with others who have a totally different focus for their lives.
  14. Knowing your life purpose will allow you to redefine what success really means to you.
  15. Knowing your life purpose will allow you to break free from the need to be doing things that are not in alignment with your purpose
  16. Knowing your life purpose allows you to have a ready answer to the questions “Why am I here?” and “What’s my Purpose?”
  17. Knowing your life purpose allows you to define and lead a fulfilling life.
  18. Knowing your life purpose allows you to relax and recognize that trusting God, who wired you like he did, is in control.
  19. Knowing your life purpose is a great time to take a fresh look at your spiritual beliefs.
  20. Knowing your life purpose will satisfy that “itch” to find what you’re “supposed” to be doing.
  21. Knowing your life purpose will help chart the path toward making a difference in the world.


  1. Purpose Helps Us Grow

Even if you are not focused on personal growth, following a passion may require you to act in ways normally considered too scary or risky. By stretching beyond your usual limits, you will develop skills, or mature in some way. A purpose can push you to make difficult decisions and learn to be flexible or stand firm.

  1. Purpose Strengthens Our Sense of Self

Working to fulfil a purpose encourages you to trust your feelings, thoughts, likes, and dislikes. After all, it is your purpose and you are in charge of it. Purpose also gets the different aspects of yourself to read from the same page. It focuses your talents, skills, character, imagination, and even shadow qualities so they function in a more integrated way.

  1. Purpose Helps Us Decide

A purpose can be a North Star, something to guide you in decision making. Knowing where we want to go narrows our options. You can weigh decisions by their likelihood of keeping you on your purposeful track. On days when feeling out of sorts, confused, or at loose ends, there is always your North Star to look up to.

  1. Purpose Provides a Sense of Accomplishment

Your purpose may be very broad such as spreading kindness to everyone you meet, or it might be more specific such as starting and running a successful pet grooming business. Whatever yours may be you will know at the end of each day if you were true to your purpose. A successful day provides a self-esteem strengthening sense of accomplishment. (Wandering from our purpose teaches us self-forgiveness.)

  1. Purpose Helps Us Prevent or Manage Depression

Having a heart felt sense of purpose provides a measure of resilience for those slipping into a depressed state. When depressive symptoms are intense and life seems worthless or meaningless, a remembered purpose raises hope. The memory of feeling passionate about anything will help you believe in better days.




1) Self-Esteem

When you truly understand our purpose more fully, you more fully realize what you have to offer. You realize your value, and not only feel better about yourself, but are more equipped to communicate our value to others whether it is in a job interview, self-promotion or marketing a business.

2) Belonging

Purpose helps us to find our place. Once we realize what we are here to do, our sense of competition and insecurity is lessened. We have something to do that is our own. We are unique. It allows us to be more connected to ourselves and to others.

3) Clarity/Direction

Opportunities and information abound in today’s world. Without a clear sense of how and why you operate the way you do, you really can’t really grasp a solid direction. Direction does not come out of learned skills, but more out of passion, joy, a sense of calling and love. The more you know about what this means for you, the more direction you will experience.

4) Passion

Passion and purpose are inextricably linked. Purpose is defined by your passions. It’s the energy and fuel that allows you to fully express your purpose. The outcroppings of passion are laughter and fun which, interestingly, are powerfully transformational. We don’t do it nearly enough, and yet laughter and fun alone can change our lives.

5) Energy

Living with passion and purpose results in a more energetic, fired up way of life. Energy is the natural signal of purpose. An energy spike in your life for any reason is a positive indicator that you are headed in the right direction and living in alignment with your purpose.

6) Opportunity/Money

Purpose is a magnet for opportunity and fulfillment. Purpose and its related passion and energy become a powerful attracting force for anything on which it is focused. Despite what we’ve been taught, hard work is the WORST solution. Seek inspiration and flow. Flow is the key to successful, effortless living and requires letting go, relaxing and allowing. Flow rarely happens if you are not grounded in a sense of purpose. We find that people who are purpose/passion powered attract everything they need, as they need it.

7) Fulfillment & Spiritual Connection

Focused purpose and expressed passion is a powerful formula for happiness and fulfilment…which is the purpose for all of our lives. The sense that we are a part of a much larger universe and that all things are orchestrated in our higher good offers a sense of trust, faith and stability so terribly needed in tough times