Benefits of Colour Therapy

  • Safe and pain free
  • Can be used for adults, the elderly, children and babies
  • Treats the symptoms and root cause of an illness
  • Addresses the non-physical origins and the physical symptoms of an illness
  • Provides a catalyst for the body’s natural healing process
  • Assists self-recovery and allows the healing energies to function properly on their own
  • Clears emotional blockages before they cause a physical disease in the body
  • Balances energy and restores vitality
  • Helpful for relaxation and meditation
  • Aids awareness, inspiration and protection
  • Profoundly affects the individual on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual
  • Helps understand your need for certain colours
  • Can be incredibly enlightening and transforming


It has been proven that light (or the absence of light) can have an effect on the Hypothalamus and the Pineal and Pituitary glands and subsequently on our mental and physical states of health. Colour Therapy is now used extensively throughout the world as a complementary treatment and few doctors dispute that light affects us, and that colour has a very definite effect on mood, behaviour and general well-being.